The green card lottery may be the easiest way of acquiring a hassle free green card.  A lot of people can register for the green card lottery, but you will find some restrictions.   First of all, the applicant is required to hold a high school equivalent certificate, and  must be born in the eligible countries which are eligible for the 2012 green card lottery. Applicants that may get the green card by winning the green card lottery will probably be entitled to live, be employed, and study in the United States of America, not temporarily but on a permanent basis. Russia was recently included in the list of counties that is allowed to participate in the green card lottery.   But for the most part, the lottery is only meant for citizens of Countries that don’t usually immigrate to the United States.

The window to apply for the 2012 green card lottery has closed.  Applications for the DV-13, or 2013 green card lottery, will be coming up at the end of this year.

Rise In Deportations In the United States

Under the Obama administration, the number of deportations have risen significantly.   President Obama had a specific mandate to crack down on the illegal immigrants that are clear detriment to the society, and the focus of these deportations are geared toward the convicted criminals.

The number of deported convicted criminals in the U.S. has in fact risen since President Obama took office, from 114k criminal deportations to almost 200k criminal deportations.  While the overall number of deportations has risen at a modest rate.

Total Deportations Convicted Criminals % Criminals
2011* 404,000 195,000 48%
2010 392,862 195,772 50%
2009 387,790 136,126 35%
2008 369,221 114,415 31%
*projected number

In addition to checking to the criminal records, the administration has also gone as far as aggressively auditing companies that is suspected of hiring undocumented workers.   The businesses that knowingly hire illegal immigrants can be fined anywhere between $250 to $10,000 for each undocumented immigrant hiring.  And of course the undocumented workers will also face deportation, more likely if the worker any criminal records.

Green Card For Illegal Immigrants

If you happen have overstayed your visa or entered the U.S. illegally, you should look into the possibly of turn into a documented legal resident of the U.S.  There are actually ways of applying for a green card for illegal immigrants.  The two best methods to become legal is either through the immigrant registry, or receive amnesty for illegal immigrants under sectoin 245(i).

You’ve entered the green card lottery year after year, and you know you qualify for all the eligibilities criteria to be selected for the lottery.  And after all the years of waiting, you finally get that letter in mail notifying you that you are now 1 of 50,000 selected few people this year that’s been selected to move forward with the diversity visa green card program.   Now what?

First of all, winning the green card lottery does not actually guarantee you a green card.  It simply gives you the opportunity to move forward to apply for the green card.  The important thing to do is to fill out the forms immediate and began the green card application process immediately.  Since the process is essentially on a first come first serve basis, people with the most issues on their applications will likely take longer to process, and therefore, more likely to get rejected as the spaces fill up.

If you are currently living abroad, you will need to go to through the U.S. consulate in your country to interview for the immigrant visa.

If you’re already living in the U.S., you will simply fill out the I-485 Form to began applying for the green card.

The entire process along with the application must be completed before the deadline or before the diversity visas run out.

Once all that is done, you will then be approved for the green card.  You will be able to enter the U.S. without major problems as you will be entering as a permanent resident.  Then you will be living the American dream!


Eligibility For Green Card Lottery

  • Do you have a job opportunity lined up for you in the United States?
  • Do you have any family members residing in the United States?
  • Do you have $500,000 to $1,000,000 to invest in a new business and create new jobs in the United States?

If none of these options apply to you, then  you may want to look into the diversity visa, which is most commonly known as the green card lottery or the dv lottery.

Each year the USCIS issues 50,000 diversity visas through a lottery system, with all qualifications being equal, your chances of getting a green card basically is drawn from a hat.

Rules for the Green Card Lottery

You can either be currently living in the U.S. or abroad, your chances are the same.  Essentially why this system was created was to promote and allow people from countries that typically have very few immigrations into the U.S.  The U.S. is, afterall, land created by migrants, and the U.S. would like to continue to draw interest from different parts of the world.  As long as you fit the criteria above, and is either a high school graduate OR have two years of working experience, then you can submit a diversity visa entry form, along with all the supporting documents to the DOS by lottery deadline, then you will be entered into the lottery.

Green Card Lottery Cost

The cost to enter the dv lottery?  FREE!  That’s right, the only cost is the green card application if you’re chosen in the green card lottery.

Grren Card Lottery Selection

The green card lottery system is purely random, selected by the computer.

If you are currently living in the United States as an illegal immigrant.  Chances are you won’t be able to get a green card or ever become a legal resident.  The most common illegal immigrants entered the country either overstaying their visa, violated visa terms, entered without inspection, or via fraud (most commonly marriage fraud).  But there is some hope, albeit an outside shot.

Receive Green Card through Immigration “Registry”

Green Card through registry is almost like receiving legal status by default.  It allows certain individual staying in the U.S. since before January 1st, 1972 to apply for a green card, even if they’ve been staying illegally.  To quality, the individual must have been in the U.S. continuously since Jan. 1st, 1972.  The applicant will be judged on their public records to make sure there’s no involvement in any unlawful activities.  The individual also should not be eligible for citizenship or deportation.  If all the qualifications applies, then the individual should go ahead and apply via the I-485 form to apply for a green card.

Section 245(i)

Currently, there aren’t any amnesty programs that will allow undocumented foreign nationals to become legal residents.  But if your work or family filed a petition for the individual while residing in the U.S. illegally between 1994 and 2001, the individual (or the spouse and/or children) maybe eligible to come out of the shadows and apply for a legal permanent resident status and green card.

This loophole qualifies for people who entered the country illegally or overstayed their visas.  And till this day, there are still people that are eligible to apply for green card who are grandfathered and qualify through this loophole.   For more details, contact your lawyer for more accurate assessment of your qualifications.

Currently Living Abroad

If you’re looking to apply for a EB5 Visa and hoping to be approved for a green card through qualified investments in the United States, you will first need to fill out the I-526 form (Immigrant Petition by Alien Entrepreneur)

Once approved, the I-526 form is sent to the U.S. consulate or embassy, and the process will begin from there.  You will then be notified to interview for immigrant visa at the consulate.

If all goes well, you will receive an immigrant visa and be allowed to enter the U.S. and issued a conditional green card that would be valid for 2 years.

Then if you would like to continue the green card process, you may apply for a regular green card by filling out the I-829 form within 90 days before the 2nd anniversary or expiration date.

By then, your business likely would be thriving and having created jobs for the U.S. economy, you should be a U.S. green card holder.

Currently Living in the United States

If you’re already in the U.S. that means you’ve already received entrance visa to stay in the country.  The first form you would need to fill out is the I-485 form to get the green card application started.

EB5 Visa Filing Fee

The fee for the EB5 Visa Green Card application I-526 form is $1,500

To remove the conditions after 2 years, the I-829 form costs $3,750 plus $85 biometric service fee, so a total of $3,835.  And also for every conditional resident dependent the biometric service fee is an additional $85.

Getting a green card and permanent residence status in the United States has been tougher than ever with what’s happened domestically and abroad within the last decade.  The USCIS has come up with higher standards for U.S. immigrations.  But despite that, there’s always methods of tricks that can improve your odds of getting your application accepted.  One of the ways, simply put, is that money talks.  If you have somewhere around $500,000 USD to $1,000,000 USD to invest in the United States, and you’re willing to help setup your business and create at least 10 jobs in the U.S., the USCIS will certainly take a closer look at your qualifications to be a green card holder.

EB5 Visa

This type of visa made for investors that is willing to help the U.S. economy is called the EB5 visa, or some may call it the EB5 Green Card.  It was created in 1990 through the Immigration Act which allows immigrant investors a better chance of receiving a green card.  If the business owner can demonstrate that he or she can create jobs in rural or areas with high unemployment, then he/she may qualify for the EB5 Visa.

Each year there are about 10,000 EB5 Visas available for investors, with 3,000 that’s made available specially for the “regional center” program seekers.

So if you have an opportunistic investment in a qualified area in the U.S. or save a struggling business, you should think about applying for the EB5 Visa.