The green card lottery may be the easiest way of acquiring a hassle free green card.  A lot of people can register for the green card lottery, but you will find some restrictions.   First of all, the applicant is required to hold a high school equivalent certificate, and  must be born in the eligible countries which are eligible for the 2012 green card lottery. Applicants that may get the green card by winning the green card lottery will probably be entitled to live, be employed, and study in the United States of America, not temporarily but on a permanent basis. Russia was recently included in the list of counties that is allowed to participate in the green card lottery.   But for the most part, the lottery is only meant for citizens of Countries that don’t usually immigrate to the United States.

The window to apply for the 2012 green card lottery has closed.  Applications for the DV-13, or 2013 green card lottery, will be coming up at the end of this year.

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